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  • Welcome to SALON 8410

    Salon 8410 is a very small, private salon and welcomes those who value a superior skill level and at the same time a warm, cozy, casual atmosphere. Ample time is scheduled for each appointment to ensure the highest quality of personal service for each visit and to maintain the relaxed, unhurried atmosphere.

  • Hair Cutting & Styling

    Whether you are a man, woman or child, Salon 8410 can give you a haircut that best fits your hair type, facial features, and personal style. Every service includes a thorough consultation, ensuring that you will love the result! We want to bring out the real you, and make you feel your very best.

  • Hair Color & highlights

    Our color services are amazing! Whatever your preference - blonde, red or brunette, you can have it! Salon 8410 provides beautiful, long lasting color and shine. For a multi-dimensional look with your color, one or more colors may be custom blended to achieve the perfect balance of lightness and dark, as well as various tones and shades of color.

How Should You Handle Dandruff?

55370335 - dandruff is visible on dark hair female

Dandruff is a very common skin condition that causes the scalp to flake, and many people have it without even knowing it. But extreme dandruff can be embarrassing and hard to control. If you’re struggling with dandruff and wondering what to do next, this information should help guide you in the right direction.

Potential Causes of Dandruff

There are a variety of reasons that you might have dandruff. Consider each reason and identify which are possible given your lifestyle and health habits. Dry skin is the number one cause of dandruff, especially in the winter when dry hot air is pushed into homes and businesses to avoid the chill. Neglecting to shampoo and brush your hair on a daily basis is another possibility, since both of those processes help to release dead skin cells and oil buildups. Certain skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis also have the potential to impact the scalp and lead to frustrating dandruff in the same manner.

Home Remedies

There are quite a few home remedies out there that have been used with success in the past to battle dandruff. Tea tree essential oil, for instance, can be added to shampoo or conditioner in order to heal the scalp and prevent dandruff from forming. Baking soda is also a popular choice since it can reduce levels of the overactive fungi that cause dandruff. Apple cider vinegar, meanwhile, can change the pH of your scalp to prevent the growth of dandruff-supporting yeast. All you need to do is mix a bit with water and spray onto your head and let sit for 15 minutes, twice per week.

Professional Treatments

If your dandruff is severe, you should seek professional help. There are a number of medicated shampoos and products that act as potent antifungals, you just need help determining the best product for your exact situation. Ask a professional for expert guidance and bid your dandruff farewell.