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  • Welcome to SALON 8410

    Salon 8410 is a very small, private salon and welcomes those who value a superior skill level and at the same time a warm, cozy, casual atmosphere. Ample time is scheduled for each appointment to ensure the highest quality of personal service for each visit and to maintain the relaxed, unhurried atmosphere.

  • Hair Cutting & Styling

    Whether you are a man, woman or child, Salon 8410 can give you a haircut that best fits your hair type, facial features, and personal style. Every service includes a thorough consultation, ensuring that you will love the result! We want to bring out the real you, and make you feel your very best.

  • Hair Color & highlights

    Our color services are amazing! Whatever your preference - blonde, red or brunette, you can have it! Salon 8410 provides beautiful, long lasting color and shine. For a multi-dimensional look with your color, one or more colors may be custom blended to achieve the perfect balance of lightness and dark, as well as various tones and shades of color.

Exotic Hair Care Tips You’ll Love

hair-careAmerica is the land of innovation, but there’s no denying that other countries seem to know all of the beauty tricks we are still discovering. Your hair, for instance, can benefit from so much more than a basic shampoo and conditioner. These exotic hair care tips will spark your creativity and encourage you to explore the many unique ways that people around the world pamper their locks.

The Avocado Hair Mask in Columbia

Who doesn’t love avocado? It turns out that this healthy food isn’t just great on chips. It is Columbian tradition to combine two egg whites with half of a mashed avocado. Work it through your hair, leave in for 15 minutes, and then rinse and condition. For less than $1.00, you can give your hair a smooth silkiness that few other shampoos can.

Aloe Vera Hydration in Argentina

If you’ve ever visited Argentina, you will know that the women there value long, beautiful hair. They view it as a sign of glamour and sensuality, which is why they turn to natural ingredients like aloe vera to nourish their hair. You can mimic their technique by applying pure aloe vera directly to your scalp or mixing it in with your normal shampoo. The healing properties of aloe vera will not only strengthen your hair, but give it more shape and shine.

Chamomile in Scotland

Chamomile tea is known for settling the stomach, but it can also protect the hair. Simply boil the chamomile flower, cool, and strain. Pour into a spray bottle and spritz into your dry hair twice a day. The properties of chamomile help to keep blond hair looking fresh and bright. Who knew?!

Shea Butter in France

France is the land of romance, so they know a thing or two about beauty treatments. Parisian women love to use overnight treatment masks to nourish their hair while they sleep. To copy their tactics, rub shea butter on your scalp in the evening before you shampoo. Shea butter is famous for its hydrating qualities, so you’ll never have to worry about dry or flaky hair again.

For more great hair care tips and pampering, visit Salon 8410 in St. Petersburg. This exceptional boutique salon offers the area’s best and most customized attention for all of your haircare needs. Give the stylists a call today at (727) 570-4870 to schedule your first appointment.