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  • Welcome to SALON 8410

    Salon 8410 is a very small, private salon and welcomes those who value a superior skill level and at the same time a warm, cozy, casual atmosphere. Ample time is scheduled for each appointment to ensure the highest quality of personal service for each visit and to maintain the relaxed, unhurried atmosphere.

  • Hair Cutting & Styling

    Whether you are a man, woman or child, Salon 8410 can give you a haircut that best fits your hair type, facial features, and personal style. Every service includes a thorough consultation, ensuring that you will love the result! We want to bring out the real you, and make you feel your very best.

  • Hair Color & highlights

    Our color services are amazing! Whatever your preference - blonde, red or brunette, you can have it! Salon 8410 provides beautiful, long lasting color and shine. For a multi-dimensional look with your color, one or more colors may be custom blended to achieve the perfect balance of lightness and dark, as well as various tones and shades of color.

Everything You Need to Know about Facial Waxing

39018238 - mustache depilationFacial hair can be a huge inconvenience and frustration, but it isn’t one you need to accept and live with. Facial waxing is the most effective and longest-lasting temporary hair removal technique out there. You can use facial waxing to remove unwanted hairs on your brows, lip, or other problematic facial areas. Here’s what you should know about this simple procedure!

Finding a Reliable Salon

Professional waxing, like the services offered by spas and salons, is a much better choice than trying to wax your own facial hair at home. A salon professional will be formally trained in waxing techniques in order to deliver the very best results. As you look around your local area to find a salon you can trust, make sure that you select a hair colorist tampa location that uses top-quality waxes and lotions. Cheap in-and-out places often use equally cheap wax, which is not only inefficient but also painful and dangerous. Top quality wax will enter your pores when it is warm to allow hairs to be released easily from your follicles, meaning you will enjoy smoother skin with far less discomfort.

How Does It Work?

Waxing is a process that removes the entire hair shaft from the pores of your skin. This is different than shaving, since shaving simply removes the hair above the skin and causes unsightly stubble within a day as the hair grows back. Since waxing pulls the entire hair follicle out of the skin, repeated and regular waxing will actually gradually decrease overall hair growth in that area.

When you go to salon to have your eyebrows or upper lip waxed, you’ll recline in a comfortable chair while a technician carefully applies warm wax to the areas of skin needing tampa hair removal. She will quickly pull the wax off your skin, and your hair follicles will come with it. It’s quick and simple, so you can get the results you want immediately!